Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Colossians / Thoughtfully Abridged

Colossians 1:1-29
Paul and Timothy, to the Colossian saints: praise God for your faithfulness to Christ Jesus! The spiritual fruit you bear is evidence that you are well taught, having heard and understood the truth. We pray for continued growth in knowledge and wisdom, empowered by the LORD you are learning to love. Christ, who took on physical form then formed all physical things — Christ, who redeemed damned humanity by succumbing himself to the curse — Christ, who reclaimed his life from death has offered us hope. Cling to this salvation; revel in mysteries revealed; boldly and broadly proclaim the truth. Colossians 2:1-23
Please believe that my geographical distance is not a sign of spiritual neglect: I’m pouring myself into ministry for the sake of believers near and far. We serve in Christ the limitless God; in him dwells all power, authority, justice, and peace. Don’t be deceived by counterfeit claims on your allegiance. You know the Truth. You have been raised from death by the same power and to the same degree that Jesus was raised to life. At the cross, he redeemed your past and secured your future. You owe him everything. Submit to nothing that does not submit to Christ.  Colossians 3:1-25
Uproot your corrupted desires: sexual immorality, greed, malice, ungodly speech, anger, deception, and the like. Nurture instead the holy pursuits of the heart: love and compassion, kindness and patience, humility, forgiveness, and peace. Heed the Word and express your gratitude lavishly. Your obligations to Christ will necessitate changes in your social interactions: wives, embody Christ’s humility by communicating with deference and respect; slaves and children, offer your obedience as though every action is directly in service to Jesus; husbands, fathers, and masters, imitate the gentle attitude of your Master, leading with love and encouragement. Remember that Christ is in all Colossians 4:1-18
Stay deep in conversation with the LORD — and when He answers, notice and be thankful. Pray there will be many opportunities for our message of Christ to be openly received, and that we will communicate the truth with clarity and wisdom, whenever given the chance. Pray the same for yourselves. I’ve sent two beloved friends as emissaries who will fill you in on the details of my work omitted here. With them, we send greetings from a number of other servants of Christ Jesus who labour here and beyond for the growing kingdom of God. Grace be with you.

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