Saturday, June 5, 2021

Lady, Lady: a Lullaby

Find a demo for this song on Instagram @nicoleankenmann.

G Lady, lady, quite contrary, Em                                   C I know you don’t want to sleep G Little man with other plans C                        G It’s time for bed and counting sheep

Dsus                          Em            Nursery rhymes are said and done,          Dsus        D        Em Your toys have tired of play              Dsus      D            Em There’ll be more fun when tomorrow comes               C And the sun gets up,         Em                   C The start of another day

G Lady, lady, growing heavy,  Em                                   C Rest your mind and your eyes, G Little man, make other plans:  C                                G Explore your dreams through lullabies

Dsus    Em               As fireflies prepare to dance,          Dsus         D   Em And stars come into view, Dsus    D             Em Slowly, softly drift away; C ‘Til morning comes         Em                      C The world will wait for you

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