In Progress

muskokAZoo -- an alphabetical romp through the woods. This is a new, illustrated book for kids with a self-imposed deadline of Christmas (aka the end of November). Follow along on Instagram as I venture into the intimidating world of digital art! My handle is @inkandthimble.

Lessons Learned -- Year One at True North Elementary. Inspired by the classic Children's Book of Virtues, this collection explores the expression of positive character traits in kids from September through June. Originally written for the kids in my local Running and Reading program (grades two through six).


Little Pieces -- to the point, with a point. This is my first self-published collection of short stories. If you're keen on a copy, you can order it straight from the printer or by contacting me directly at I'm not saying that flattery will definitely get you a discount, but it wont hurt the transaction.

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